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Buying a home is the biggest decision most us will ever face, and dealing with a faceless loan department can make it a whole lot more daunting. Contact us as the first step to arranging your new mortgage, and long after you have turned your new house into a home, we will still be looking out for you.
A standard condition of any new mortgage is that you take out a protection policy, ensuring that the outstanding loan on your home is fully repaid if you die before the end of its term. The good news is that mortgage protection is the cheapest form of life assurance on the market, but still offers maximum peace of mind over your family’s security should the worst unexpectedly happen to you. And you can make further savings — and even enjoy additional benefits — by using Prendergast Maguire Financial Services Ltd to arrange the cover that best suits your needs.
This add-on to a protection policy offers the reassurance that your mortgage is also settled should you ever be diagnosed with a specified medical condition. If you have a joint mortgage, the plan can apply to both borrowers, and some policies will even cover your children.
If you already have a mortgage, have you considered the benefits of re-mortgaging? Switching to a lower interest rate could save you thousands of Euro over the lifetime of your mortgage.
It's simple when you have an independent trusted broker working for you.
We have been around the block, we know how it works. We offer independent advice, we are not tied to any one lender. Thus, we can truly offer impartial advice on one of the biggest decisions you are likely to make.

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